ITunes Access is now TuneZip!

Now customers worldwide can get access to content from the world's biggest and best media store, and returning customers can now get shopping and downloading right away with automatic emailing of gift cards once their order has been placed! To reflect the way we're now zipping your codes to you as fast as possible, ITunes Access has now become TuneZip.

Why do I need to access the USA iTunes Store?

Apple's iTunes store is the world's best online media store, giving customers access to millions of music files, TV shows, movies, podcasts and audiobooks that can be immediately downloaded to your computer, iPod or iPhone. Unfortunately however, the content available through iTunes varies greatly from country to country, with the widest range and most popular content being only available to users of the USA iTunes store.

Previously, you could only buy content from the USA iTunes store if you opened an account using a USA-issued credit card, restricting the best content to USA residents and citizens, and forcing people living in other countries to be satisfied with the limited choices available in their own regional iTunes stores. Nowadays however, you can have full access to content in the USA iTunes store by buying iTunes Gift Cards! Gift cards are available in denominations of $10, $15, $25 and $50, and can be used in iTunes to buy content from the USA store from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a USA iTunes Account?
No problem. No matter which country you live in, Tunezip can provide a new account for you which will allow you to buy and download the Apps, Movies, Music, TV shows and eBooks that you will only find in the US iTunes store. You will also be able to rent latest release movies online and watch them on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and your Mac or PC.

How long will it take before I get my redemption code?
Great question. For first time buyers, your Redemption Codes will be delivered to you 24 hours after your order has been placed. Once you've successfully completed your first order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS on your future orders. That means that no matter what time you place your order, day or night, 365 days per year, our automated system will process your payment and deliver your Redemption Codes to you via email.If desired, we can also send the actual physical card to you in the mail at an additional shipping cost.

Why should I buy from TuneZip?
3 great reasons:

1. GENUINE, LEGAL, GIFT CARDS. Unlike some other online sources When you buy from TuneZip, you can rest assured that you are getting genuine, legal gift cards bought direct from authorized major retailers in the United States.

2. Once you've completed your initial purchase, INSTANT ACCESS delivery of your Redemption Code and Gift Card image on future orders means you can starting downloading your shows and music right away.

3. Great Customer Service. TuneZip deals with clients all over the world, and provides prompt response to questions and enquiries.

I don't have an iPod. Can still use iTunes?
Absolutely! Although the iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone are the leading media players, music from the iTunes store can be easily exported and played on many other mp3 players. TV shows and movies can also be played on your computer, or even on your TV if your computer has the appropriate connections for it.

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